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Guide to Jade Earrings in Modern Style

2 min read

Jade Earrings are a classy way to add an extra bit of glam to your life! Read our guide on how to style jade earrings into your everyday outfits with different colors of jade to create your own unique look.

Guide to Jade Necklaces in Modern Style

2 min read

The necklace is considered as possibly the most personal accessory that we put on. It speaks to your style and is felt all the way while matching to the outfit of the day...

Guide to Jade Bracelets in Modern Style

5 min read

Wearing trendy bracelets is always a good choice to bring attention to your arms and complement the outfit you choose for the day...

Guide to Jade Rings in Modern Style

2 min read

 Rings are the most frequently worn accessory to your everyday look, whether it's the first or last thing you put on before rushing out to visit your favourite barista. Read our guide to jade rings to learn about how we style our modern jade pieces with a dash of your own uniqueness! 

Jade Certification: What is type A, B, C jade?

4 min read

In the marketplace of jade, any forms of treatment other than polishing is considered unnaturally and deemed low-value. Malpractice in the marketplace occur when there is non-disclosure of this treatment leading the buyer...

The colors of jade and it's associated meaning

2 min read

Imperial green jade may be the most well known and sought after color of jade. It may come to surprise many of you that jade comes naturally in a full spectrum of colors, much like the rainbow... 

Choosing Jade Jewelry: From Classic to Modern Style

2 min read

Jade jewelry has evolved over the years to vary from simple, chic pieces to extravagant ones. But which type of jewelry is the most suitable for you? Find out more!

Benefits of wearing Jade Jewelry

3 min read

Gemstone jewelry have been renowned for centuries amongst the world.

But other than the beauty it emits, what are the benefits of wearing these pieces?


A gift guide for Mothers!

2 min read

Celebrating Mothers are so special: how can we ever say thank you enough to the woman who gave you the gift of life? We know you want to appreciate her the right way, but searching for a great gift can be an overwhelming task. Whether you want a timeless pick or a unique piece, our gift guide has got you covered!

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