Our Jade

Natural authentic lavender jade. Unpolished, from Jadeite Atelier.

We guarantee that every piece of jade that is used in our jewelry to be from origin Myanmar (Burma) and of certifiable jadeite grade in type A. That is 100% natural and free from any form of chemical treatment.

To ensure that our products are controlled at a high quality and of ethical origins, we source our jade in raw form directly through official channels from Myanmar (Burma). Each and every piece of jade that we use is hand cut by ourselves here locally in Hong Kong.

At Jadeite Atelier, we offer three unique colours of Burmese jadeite. Each one exhibiting a different persona of its own. When shopping our designs, you can personalise it by picking out the colour that best accentuates with your personal character.



Empowering Green -- The empress jade

Green jade raised in popularity when the infamous Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager fell in love with its mesmerising color. Since then, Burmese jade is a symbol of nobility. Just like its ancestral roots, the Jadeite green jade is exquisite, dignified and naturally refined. 

Dainty Lavender -- The duchess jade

The Jadeite lavender jade is characterized by its soft, feminine colour. Traditionally, this shade hold a sacred place in nature, as the lavender flowers are considered graceful and precious. Complemented with rose-gold, this quaint color is tranquil, noble and creative.

Mystic Black -- The monarch jade

Black has always been a true classic in all context. Often associated with mystery and prestige, the Jadeite black jade adds a bold accent to one’s daily wardrobe. The beauty of black jade also exudes poise, composure and individuality. 

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